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How to Clean Your Jewelry

It’s my favorite time of the year.  The fall holiday season.   As with most families, in my family, this is the time we get to see / connect with friends and family near and far away.  We count our blessings for our health and friendships and try to help those in need in every way we can.   We decorate our house (inside and out) with sparkling, warm, inviting themes centered by a Christmas tree.


This is the time when we bring out our most important jewelry.  Some have emotional connections from relatives from generations past and others have emotional connections from the younger generations in our family – such as a birth of a new baby.


I wanted to share with you some simple, safe, and inexpensive tips on cleaning / caring for your jewelry during this holiday season and beyond. I just used the following tips to clean my Morganite ring!




Top 7 Jewelry Cleaning Tips



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